The Inspiration Behind Eats, Roots n Leaves

The Inspiration Behind Eats, Roots n Leaves

EATS ROOTS n LEAVES wanted to create a brand that supports the health of our planet. When you wear ERL we want our clients to be inspired to rethink and go green the best we can. It's about being aware and contributing the best we can.

We have put a lot of our focus into our products to ensure all our products are Eco-friendly and Cruelty Free. Our focus is not just the survival of our ocean life but also our land animals, extinction and inhumane treatment is becoming more and more apparent.

Over the past few years of travel to some amazing locations, we have seen places of beauty, places of unforeseeable damage and inhumane treatment of our fellow earthlings.

This inspired us to re-think and make a change to the way we eat and the way we live. Here at ERL we want our planet to survive and prosper, we want our kids and our younger generations to have the chance to live on a thriving planet.

We have volunteered over the past few years to some great organisations that are making a positive impact to our world and for every sale a percentage of our profits will be donated back to organisations that are creating a difference locally and internationally.

"Be the change the world needs"