5 Simple Steps to Sustainable Living

5 Simple Steps to Sustainable Living

Culture has easy and effective ways of preserving and enhancing the local environment. For instance, local cultures stress on conservation, minimizing wastage and the use of local materials and organic products. Thus, reviving and respecting the local culture, identity and knowledge contributes to the progress of people’s involvement in environmentally friendly practices and bringing into existence a new culture of sustainability.

Here are 5 simple tips to start contributing to being more sustainable.

1. Support local farms and buy more organic produce

Sustainable farming is one of the vital principles of sustainable living. The principle insists on sustainable farming by encouraging the availability of healthy, local, organic, low impact and seasonal diets. Food wastage is also highly discouraged. For this reason, people need to support local farming and organically grown products by buying local and eating organic foodstuffs.

2. The use of Sustainable Materials

Sustainable materials refer to healthy, efficient and durable products. Examples include materials that are locally sourced, manufactured from waste or renewable resources, and those with low embodied energy.

3. Using Sustainable Transport

Promoting the use of low and zero carbon transport mechanisms is one of the overriding principles of sustainable living. It encompasses the need to reduce travel and accepting green transport services such as electric trains and cars. The less personal use of your car you do, the more you and the environment will benefit. Sustainable living not only promotes sustainability by reducing pollution and the consumption of natural resource; walking or biking to work will also improve your health and reduce the strain on public health resources.

4. Ditch the plastic 

Plastic never goes away. It takes millions of years for plastic to decompose. Plastic can be found swirling in the ocean’s surfaces. It badly affects marine life. Every year large number of mammals, seals, sea birds are killed after ingesting plastic or getting tangled up in it. Its time for all of us to switch to reusable bags when we shop and ditch one-time use plastic water bottles. Switch from plastic Straws to Metal or other sustainable bio-degradable products. Also be mindful of cheap clothing product and the micro plastics that is produced from washing these.

5. Creating your own health environment

This involves indulging in active and meaningful life activities to promote good health and well being. Fun, healthy and less stressful living can be achieved by fun activities such as biking, hiking, walking, sailing, and skiing.