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Ditching the EGO to go more ECO......

The extinction of species, the slaughter of innocents, the extortion of the poor and climate change are just some of the many pressing issues society has yet to overcome. 

While a large percentage of the worlds population is simply repeating their daily routine with no second thought to larger world issues, others are fighting in the revolution for change. Thankfully there is a growing movement of people who are advocates, activists, environmentalist and evolutionist who are putting themselves out there in an attempt to influence and educate others for change. To change the way they think about the human race, how we treat our fellow earthlings and the impact it is making on our planet.


Peter Joseph of The Zeitgeist Movement explains:

The real revolution is the revolution of values. Human society appears centuries behind in the way it operates; hence, what it values. If we wish to progress and solve the mounting problems at hand and in effect, reverse what is an accelerating decline of our civilization in many ways, we need to change the way we think about ourselves and hence the world we inhabit. Change on a large scale can only be accomplished if we stand together and believe in a single purpose. We need to put aside the ideals and values that have been thrust upon us by political leaders and the 1%."

Another way to view this the EGO System is a ME only view, what's in it for me" or "what do I get out of this", where as the ECO System is a compassion view, "how can I help others" or "what can I do to contribute to better world"

How we choose to show up in the world , will reflect back to us one form or another.

Be the change world needs,  the change for our fellow species.

Ditch Ego and Go Eco.